Gold in the Arab World

Gold is beautiful a metal, precious and rare, Discovered by the human as a metal from the bottoms of the ground and the metals, most of is extracted from the mines which composed by geological effects of the crust.

Used as a currency by many peoples and civilizations and nations. The last currency made of gold was the Swiss franc in 2000.

Gold played an important role in human evolution, and occupied an important position in international economic relations.

Gold has unique characteristics such as flexibility and its ability to drag and formation. And its resistance to corrosion made it appropriate for many uses such as jewellery manufacturing, and helping in making spacecrafts that needs the strongest and most durable materials. It is also a conductive material that transfers information in an electronic way from one place to the other.

In the medical field: It is used in dentistry because of its flexibility and because it does not erode in the mouth. Gold solution is also used in the treatment of arthritis and inflammation of the bone and Radio gold is used in the treatment of some kinds of cancers.

Gold is also considered one of the most popular and precious metals for investing. According to history gold is a safe investment which does not get affect by the dramatic twists and turns based on the twists and moves of any major currency in the market.

The gold market is completely vulnerable to prediction, like other currencies and commodities.

Gold in the Arab World
The report of the World Gold Council, which includes 100 countries around the world showed that Saudi Arabia had the first place in having the largest reserves of gold between the Arabs counterparts despite its high price in the international market, then comes Lebanon followed by Algeria and Libya in the fourth place.

Dubai has also acquired 40% of the gold trade in the world, according to the latest statistics announced at the Dubai Precious Metals Conference.

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